Vote For Vision

With election day upon us, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the brilliance of the sun is being obscured by seemingly dense grey clouds.

Please indulge me as I take the liberty of reading a political message out of today’s weather: it’s up to us to illuminate the future of Ward 4.

And that future begins today!

The first step in revealing what our ward truly has to offer is by casting your vote in favour of a new vision, not the stagnant stare of our soon-to-be retired incumbent, Stephen Orser.

Truth be told, I just had a ball voting for myself – I’m not going to feign humility; I do believe I’m the most qualified candidate for the job.

Let your voting fingers do the talking...

Let your voting fingers do the talking…

I know there are many individuals within the ward who feel Jesse Helmer deserves the seat on city council, and I understand why they feel the way they do.

Jesse is obviously committed to improving the condition of the ward and raising the standard of living for its residents. I just don’t agree with some of the ways he hopes to achieve those goals and a political allegiance which may interfere with the decisions he will make for the ward and our municipality.

I have spoken a lot about what distinguishes me from the other candidates, whether in terms of integrity, business acumen, concern for community and the ability to express what I think while still respectfully hearing what the other side has to say.

This last point is really important, as the time has come to clear out the cobwebs of acrimony from city hall and get people working together for the common good.

Providing me with a chance is providing the ward with new, unforeseen opportunities that will extend not only to bigwig developers, but to our at-risk-youth who have so much potential which just needs to be nurtured.

It’s been eight long years of living under the so-called leadership of our incumbent, Stephen Orser, and now it’s our chance to dispel those seemingly dense grey clouds and change the misguided direction our ward has been headed in.

Turn your vote into the vision of tomorrow!

Thank you,



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