Bio: Paul Pesach Gray is an electronics engineer whose passion for politics led him back to school at age 44 while he was on staff at Western University. Paul thoroughly enjoyed immersing himself in the theory, history and practical realities of local, national and international politics. He completed a Bachelor of Political Science degree in 2011. Paul has lived, studied and worked with people from every conceivable walk of life and hopes to draw on his talents, experience and professional training for the benefit of his ward and the entire city of London. Before returning to school, Paul had the opportunity to use his technical, computer and customer service skills within various local and nearby institutions such as: City Hall, the London/Middlesex County Health Unit, the London Public Library, London YMCA, CIBC, the City of Windsor, Town of Petrolia and the Stratford General Hospital, to name a few. He has also trained employees at Pearson International Airport and worked for other post-secondary institutions across the country. Paul has extensive sales experience in the I.T. and Building Automation sectors both in Canada and the United States. He currently works for a Fortune 500 company. Paul has taught ESL (English as a Subsequent Language) to Eastern Europeans and Africans and is a strong advocate of volunteerism. For the past two years, Paul has been a board member at Congregation Beth Tefilah and is an active member in London’s Jewish community. Paul’s wife is a social worker and his daughter is currently attending a local high school.

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